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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strategies for Danube space - conference

This week I attended an interesting conference 
Migration im Donauraum – Chancen nutzen, Potentiale erkennen

Stuttgart - Neue Schloß

The conference was organized by the regional political forums and had guests from different associations and institutions who presented interesting topics regarding life in the danubian space.

this should be: admitting the differences between the cultures in danubian space, respect the diversity and understand it from all directions. Cultural exchanges should be reciprocal.
Such a phenomenon will ease the creation of a "corridor of trust" which will enable a more productive collaboration between the states.

One other important point is the LANGUAGE.
German institutions (schools / NGOs) already run projects in the danubian countries having as target familiarization of young people and professionals with german language.
(schools are open with german teaching, theater festivals with German plays)
An interesting consequence of this is that many german citizens involved in such activities discover the other lands and even decide to adopt it as SECOND HOMELAND, examples being given by the attendees of the conference

Another idea which emerged comes together with "BRAIN DRAIN" situation which is to be replaced by "BRAIN CIRCULATION/COLLABORATION".
Developed countries are seen like "brains vacuums" because the industry the posses still has potential for absorption of qualified personnel which is no available through the local citizens.
But they also face many problems concerning migration. Together with the well educated people in search of a better life a bigger percentage of less educated people emigrate
so the result economies of both states (origin and destination) will get unbalanced
on one side because substantial efforts for integration need to be made and on the other side because labor force is no longer available.
The society cohesion is also threatened
Some unmeasured and very negative consequence, MANY FAMILIES LIVE SEPARATED !
Parents which leave their children with relatives or alone and search a job in other countries.
The outcomes are devastating: children grow without family, help and support and this has a bad effect on their mental health and further development.

The proposed solution for this problems is to strengthen and improve the systems in all the countries in such a way that people could have normal and decent lives in their homeland and successful multilateral relations(cultural, economic) can be established as bridges between 2 states.
It is predicted that less migration problems will occur and the "brains" remaining in their homelands will contribute to a stronger and healthier society.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cool summer in Stuttgart

Today was a relaxing rainy day with good music and colors

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ce mi-am propus sa rasfoiesc:

Cătălin Dan Carnaru - Intoarcerea la natură