One man with courage is a majority.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom


What stirs my interest:
       CAD, Maths,  Algorithms,     
       Interior Design & Fashion Design
                harmony of colors and forms, innovative techniques, custom design for different needs
       Painting & Drawing, Bricolage
                ways of picturing life/ recycling and creativity/ ideas with colors& materials

       Traveling and Dancing   / Yoga & QiGong          
       Education & Social involvement 
                Amusements and mathematical puzzles
                Supporting Education in disadvantaged areas through different small projects
                Interesting projects in DE:   Volkshochschule Konzept        
       Sustainable development & use of traditional techniques/products

                Traditional building techniques (wood, clay, shingles, cellars)
                Knitting, weaving, crocheting
                Healthy daily habits
                Green Building &  renewable energy


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