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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Culture between Communism and Capitalism

Spune NU desființării TVR Cultural!

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Some decades ago, in Romania, the communist system decided to remove all the intellectuals in our society - some were imprisoned and tortured some run away.
With their knowledge and culture they, the true Romanians, could have woke up the masses and it is more complicated to lead smart people.
Some decades ago culture in Romania was killed little by little.

Now, in 2012 we have more than 20 years of "Democracy" and from "economical reasons" the cultural public television channel has to be closed.
"they are not efficient" so the coward solution is to close everything.

In the last two decades we struggled to learn what democracy means, who we are,
we struggled against corporations and big interests,
we are offered tv series, bad educational and health system, less jobs, more debts.
And if there is something which comforts our souls, which can bring enlightenment but not profit
let's make it disappear.

Capitalism can be a Culture killer !

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Food March

I also want to support the idea that

we need to eat good food, with no, or less, chemicals, 
with taste and without destroying our world

if this counts for you too you have the chance to say it.

I remember from my childhood how I was climbing the trees in search for sour cherries, which were not sour at all, or in search for a improvised swing or a great view.I think every child deserves this joy.
that's way the idea I want to sustain is

Gardens for families can provide not only healthy food but also fun and relaxation

And this is just one of the points.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mon Brancusi

For Brancusi I have deep appreciation.
He brought ideas to life with wood, stone and metal.
He transformed history, feelings, thoughts, objects in a unique modern art.

And if you will look closer you will discover the same simplicity and vision as that of the people he was coming from.

"My life has been a succession of marvelous events," Brancusi once said.
Whether or not this was really so, he had the gift of seeing the marvelous in everything.

And this is my tribute to him