One man with courage is a majority.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom

Ideas flying by

Don't measure value by the amount of square meters inhabited, by the number of owned watches or by the richness of visited places.
Consider better the smiles and the gratitude words which came back.

And do you go to bed every evening happy with what you did that day ?

A solution for the cities of today:  vertical green walls and simple green roofs

The existence of laws are the proof that humanity is vicious,
and even with so many laws things don't get better.

If old/ traditional good or beautiful objects disappear,  it's in the way of things,
If the spirit leading to such things dies , then is a pity

Architecture ideas
     - Le Corbusier - an architect that changed the world without studying architecture - but maybe with very deep senses
     - Usage of traditional methods/materials in home construction - very important elements: cellar, breathing walls, solar energy, rain water, minimizing surface & maximizing efficiency
     - Don't stay old, build modern  but respect nature and don't get lazy
     - Don't be afraid to be original
     - Don't underestimate simple things

Practical ideas
     - try to make/cook your own food - but keep it simple
     - try to read as much as you can on topics you are interested or about problems you have
     - all problems have a solution
     - documentaries might be a very relaxing way of learning