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Monday, June 8, 2015


This week-end we experienced Italy.
The stay was short but full of taste, sun and charm.

We decided to reach Pinerolo by using the toll free roads (since last time we had to pay around 40 euros) The way, even if it was shorter, it took aprox. 1 hour more, but if you are used with such roads (passing through villages and fields - like in Romania) and have nice weather, you can really enjoy such a trip.

The scent of fresh mown hay and of linden trees, the afternoon sunlight, the murmur of rivers, the colors of the old and new houses, the tranquility of people sitting in front of the yard and having a chit-chat, the taste of golden ripe apples all these made it a very pleasant ride.

But one needs a certain "eye" to be able to enjoy such things.
You need to be able to give from your time, you need to be patient with the the bikers on the street and not only, you need to drive slower so that you can shortly look left or right, you need to stop using the AC and let the breeze from the fields come in.
And to stay practical, these king of ways should not be very long.

Because I mostly relaxed and helped with navigation the pictures you will see are just taken from internet (according to my memories and most prominent impressions)

reminded me of Monet



Rice fields in Novara region
The rivers we crossed were so beautiful - I felt like stopping and having a bath - just like these guys :-)

and there was a lot of construction material - river stone
local materials were used in construction since ages - here is Cantina dei Santi - Novara (~1400). This we did not visit but in my attempt to expose the sustainable way of building, I found this picture. It stroke me especially because the king in the middle resembles to the personages painted on our monasteries

And here I would make a short parenthesis.
Someone, referring to the Romanians in Italy, was saying "Romanians are like Coca Cola, you find them everywhere". I laughed but then I realized how true that was when, listening to Radio Torino International, I heard not only Romanian music but also speech.
But why are so many Romanians (at least in that part of Italy where we've been) ? I asked myself.
I found 2 big reasons.

Life in Italy is very similar to the one in Romania - they seem to like the sun, the good wine, and having fun (and as a German colleague was saying: "I think they like it too much") Everywhere is full of color, flowers, hum, but also many building in disrepair. Streets are as bad as in other places (see Romania) and people don"t seem to hurry anywhere. 
On top of that the weather is very nice and whether you have your own garden or you buy from (the widely spread and not expensive) local farmers the fruits, vegetables and other products are very tasty. 
And let's not forget the easiness to learn Italian for a Romanian. As a kid in school I was watching cartoons on Italian channels in Italian so the benefit of it is that now, as a grownup I can understand it and even speak a bit and this without staying there and without any school. So I imagine adapting to Italy comparing to Germany is much easier for a Romanian.

Another reason for which I found in Torino area (IT) a lot of people from Galati area (RO), I think, it has economical roots. Galati was a big industrial center - at least before revolution - after that everything, or big part of it, closed so many people, working for that industry remained without job.
On the other side the northern part of Italy has similar profile - well industrialized area that could absorb qualified or semi qualified working force.
So here we are, complete families, villages, relocated from Namoloasa to Pinerolo.

And you would be surprised to see that they all watch Romanian TV Chanels, eat food imported from Romania and have their community - which, because of the language resemblance, is very connected to the Italian one.  
At least this was my feeling.

Italian style - artisan, colors, sun and a certain "laissez faire, laissez passer"

Saturday, June 6, 2015

O carte deschisa, o poarta catre lume 2015

Susținem educația, pentru un viitor mai bun
iar la sfârşitul anului scolar premiem elevii silitori !
Alătura-te și tu acestei cauze și dăruiește personal o carte unui elev sau donează pentru achiziționarea de cărți.
EU Reflect e.V. în parteneriat media cu redacția ZZR organizează strângere de fonduri până pe data de
 9   I U N I E .
Cărțile vor fi apoi achizionate și direcționate către școli.

Pe 15 iunie 2014 câțiva copii au zâmbit cu bucurie, haideți să aducem zâmbete și anul acesta !

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